News about DC 37 and members on the frontlines combating the COVID-19 epidemic and serving the public. For press inquiries, please contact Jahmila Edwards at [email protected]

Business Insider, April 25
First Responders Say Years of Low Pay and Chronic Turnover Have Put Coronavirus Patients' Lives at Additional Risk During the Pandemic: 'We're Screaming for Help'

NY Daily News, April 23
B’klyn EMTs Rescue Man Trapped in Burning Truck

NY Post, April 23
FDNY Union Head Blasts de Blasio for Promising Parade Over Pay Raise

NY Times, April 22
How NYC Struggled to Protect the Workers Who Still Had to Show Up

NY Daily News, April 22
Dedicated EMT Trainer, 60, Dies

WXXI News, April 23
'I Hear The Agony': Coronavirus Crisis Takes Toll On NYC's First Responders

Business Insider, April 22
'We're Seeing More Dead Bodies Than We've Ever Had To': First Responders Describe the Guilt, Trauma, and Hopelessness of Battling the Coronavirus in New York

NY Daily News, April 22
City Building Stockpile of ‘Made-in-N.Y.’ Ventilators

Politico, April 21
De Blasio Vows to Hasten Production of Death Certificates After Labor Leaders Report Delays

Politico, April 21
Cuomo to Meet With Trump — NYC Cancels Public Events Through June — Hard Road Seen to Reviving City Economy

NY Post, April 21
NY Issues Do-Not-Resuscitate Guideline for Cardiac Patients Amid Coronavirus

Politico, April 20
Delayed Death Certificates Interrupting Municipal Benefits, Union Leaders Say

The Chief-Leader, April 20
School Daze: De Blasio Closes, Cuomo Disposes

Salon, April 20
NYC's EMS Union: Move the Virus Fight Into Neighborhoods That Need it Most

The Chief-Leader, April 20
Amid Fiscal Fix, Mayor Asks Feds for Bailout

NY Post, April 20
Northwell Hospital Workers Get $2,500 Coronavirus Bonuses as Hazard Pay

Queens Chronicle, April 20
Forest Hills Activist Gives Back to Queens FDNY EMS Workers on the Front Lines of COVID-19 Pandemic

NY Times, April 20
Schools Transform Into ‘Relief’ Kitchens but Federal Aid Fails to Keep Up

NY Daily News, April 20
Educators Worry Kids’ Mental Health Will Suffer

NY Daily News, April 20
What Tenants and Landlords Deserve

Politico, April 17
Scores of NYC Workers Have Died on the Front Lines of the Coronavirus Fight

Queens Gazette, April 16
Hellenic Cultural Foundation Provides Vital Support

NY Daily News, April 16
NYC Outdoor Pools Closed for Summer 2020 Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, Beaches Likely Shut Down Too

NY Daily News, April 16
Take a Look at My E.R. — Agony Just Beginning

NY Daily News, April 16
Jailers Settle Suit Over Tests, Masks

NY Daily News, April 16
Billing Washington

NY Daily News, April 16
Yo, Cover Up Out There! Gov: Don Mask On Street, Transit Blaz: Stores Can Boot Refuseniks

NY Daily News, April 16
Feds Should Pitch In On the Rent, Pols Say

NY Daily News, April 16
How Do We Get Back? Pols Begin to Seek a Road Out of COVID Hellhole, but Fear Relapse If It’s Done in Haste

NY Daily News, April 16
Mental Battle: Tech Gears Up for the ‘Big Game’ Every Day

NY Daily News, April 16
DIY Disaster Response

NY Daily News, April 16
De Blasio Proposes $89.3B Budget Amid Plunging Revenue and Economic Fallout From Coronavirus

Business Insider, April 16
'This is like 9/11 every single day': New York's emergency responders say they're getting up to 75% more calls than normal — and falling ill themselves

Daily News, April 16
Lockdown Till May 15

MarketWatch, April 15
Wheels are in Motion for Widespread Coronavirus Antibody Testing in New York

NBC News TV Ch. 4, April 15
This Is What It’s Like to Be a Paramedic in NYC During COVID-19

The Guardian UK, April 15
New York Nurses Hold Vigil for Colleagues Who Have Died Amid Pandemic

ABC TV Ch. 4, April 15
Coronavirus News: More Than 900 NYC Public Hospital Employees Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

NY Daily News, April 15
‘Gang Riot’ Erupts at Juvenile Detention Center Where Detainees Had Been Transferred Amid Coronavirus Fears

NY Daily News, April 15
The Road to Mask Us

NY Daily News, April 15
NYC Nurses Continue to Protest Protective Gear Shortage, Say New Cuomo Directive Hasn’t Helped

NY Daily News, April 15
Verizon Partnering With NYC Restaurants to Donate 22,000 Meals to FDNY EMTs

Wall Street Journal, April 14
After Fighting Coronavirus, New York’s Health-Care Workers Sleep Away From Home

NY Daily News, April 15
June Rollout of ‘Text-to-911’ Service

NY Daily News, April 15
Create a COVID-19 Victims Fund

NY Daily News, April 15
School Aides Suffering Huge ‘Frontline’ Losses

NY Daily News, April 15
MTA Promises $500G Benefits for Bug Vics

Cheddar.com, April 14
FDNY Lt. Says EMS Should Wear Masks on Every Call Despite CDC Recommendation

NY Daily News, April 14
Call Off the Debt Collectors

The Chief-Leader, April 14
Schumer-Backed Plan Would Boost Pay $15-25G for 'Essential Workers'

NBC 4, April 13
FDNY EMT, 9/11 Responder Dead at 59 From COVID-19

The Chief-Leader, April 13
Virus-Testing Begins for H+H Staff; Unions Suspect an Ulterior Motive

The Chief-Leader, April 13
Unions With Members Handling Corpses Want Them Tested for Coronavirus

Queens Courier, April 13
Queens Borough President Candidate Urges City to Test EMTs for COVID-19

NY Daily News, April 13
Rats Turn Vicious as Coronavirus Shuts Down Food Sources Like Restaurant Trash

NY Daily News, April 13
Govs Talk of Reopen Plan

NY Daily News, April 13
Rent Problems Hotline

NY Daily News, April 13
NYPD Loses 3 More to Pandemic

NY Daily News, April 13
NY Lawmakers Not on Board With Idea of de Blasio Borrowing for Budget

NY Daily News, April 13
Brutal Ed. Toll: 50 Dead of COVID, Including 21 teachers

Manhattan Times, April 12
Clash on Closure/Líneas de batalla trazadas en el cierre de escuelas

Yahoo News, April 12
NYC First Responders Battle Outbreak in Ranks as 911 Call Volumes Skyrocket

NY Post, April 11
Coronavirus Kills Over 100 NYC Civil Servants Unable to Work From Home

NY Post, April 11
New Yorkers are Dying as Ambulance Response Times Surge Amid Coronavirus

The Chief-Leader, April 10
'Exceedingly Frightening' Enemy for Medical Staff

The Chief-Leader, April 10
EMS Unions: State's Death Plateau From Virus May Be a Mirage

WNKY TV, April 10
Coronavirus: 16,000 U.S. Deaths Confirmed

The Chief-Leader, April 10
Letter to the Editor: Line-of-Duty Death Benefit

BBC, April 10
Global Coronavirus Death Toll Passes 100,000

France24 TV, April 9
Coronavirus: How's New York Managing?

Also Here

AM News, April 9
FDNY Offers First Responders Subpar Housing as 911 Calls Skyrocket

NY Daily News, April 9
NYC Burials on Hart Island Increase; Coronavirus Victims Will Soon be Among Them 

NY Daily News, April 9
Unions Up in Arms Over Cuomo Pay Freeze for Essential State Workers

Yahoo News, April 9
First Responders Face New Challenges as Emergency Call Volume Increases Over 50%

My High Plains, April 9
Coronavirus: 16,000 U.S. Deaths Confirmed

NY Daily News, April 9
For Safety, FDNY Gets Hotel Rooms

NY Daily News, April 9
Slow on Social Distancing

UK News, Yahoo New, April 8
Coronavirus Taking a Toll on NY's First Responders

Alter Net, April 8
States Forced To Go Their Own Way on Testing After Epic Failures by the Federal Government 

Democracy Now, April 8
U.S. Daily Death Toll Nears 2,000 as Hundreds of COVID-19 Deaths Go Uncounted

Manhattan Times, April 8
“My Members Are Being Overlooked”  

Union-Leader, April 8
Record Coronavirus Deaths in New York, New Jersey Amid Fear of Toll Undercount

Queens Gazette, April 8
Letters to the Editor

Reuters, April 8
Speed of Coronavirus Deaths Shock Doctors as New York Toll Hits New High

Standard, UK News, April 7
Deaths Level Off in New York Amid Hope That Cases Are ‘Plateauing’ 

NY 1 News, April 7
First Responders: NYC May Not Be Adding At-Home Deaths to Coronavirus Death Toll

Labor Press, April 7
Local 372 Members Risk All Feeding New Yorkers; Demand Proper Protections

NY Post, April 7
NYC Park-Goers Threaten to Spit, Cough on Cops Enforcing Social Distancing

The Chief-Leader, April 7
EMS Unions: State's Death Plateau From Virus May Be a Mirage 

The Chief-Leader, April 7
New York City’s 2018 Flu Was a Near-Death Experience for Its Medical System

Salon, April 7
First Responders Suspect "Crazy Increase in Cardiac Deaths" in NYC is Linked to COVID-19

News 12, April 7
EMS Members Brace for COVID-19 Peak, Bronx Zoo Converts to Staging Area

NY Daily News, April 7
EMTs and Paramedics Scramble for Supplies Although de Blasio Says FDNY Has Enough Protective Gear

City Limits, April 7
City’s Approach to Medical Emergencies is Being Reshaped By COVID-19

NY Daily News, April 7
NYC Cardiac Calls Skyrocket as Coronavirus Fear Grips City

The Chief-Leader, April 7
EMS Swamped by Calls: 'One Day After Another, No End in Sight'

WCBS-TV Ch. 2, April 6
Coronavirus Update: New York City Scrambling to Get Ahold of More Ventilators And Staff

The Chief-Leader, April 6
DC 37, NYSNA Pan NYC H+H Advice To Reuse Protective Equipment

The Chief-Leader, April 6
Union: Moving Sick Teen Offenders To Horizon Risky for Them, Staff

The Chief-Leader, April 6
H+H Social Workers, Records Specialists: Can Work at Home

Teen Vogue, April 6
School Nurses Are Still Providing Medical Care to Students During Coronavirus 

NY Daily News, April 5
'Consider All Patients to be Infected’: FDNY Directs Paramedics, EMTs to Wear Masks on All Calls

CNN, April 4
New York EMS Responders are Working in 'Battlefield Conditions,' Union Rep Says

NY Post, April 4
EMTs, Medics Defy ‘Deadly’ FDNY Order To Not Wear N95 Masks

NBC News, April 4
As Coronavirus Surges, Non-COVID Medical Emergencies Take a Back Seat, Putting Patients at Risk

City and State, April 3
Front-Line Workers Hope Newfound Respect Leads to Better Conditions

Queensland Times (Australia), April 3
US Braces for ‘Demarcation Line’

CNN, April 3
EMTs in New York instructed Not to Bring Cardiac Arrest Patients to Hospital if No Pulse is Found After Administering CPR

NY Daily News, April 3
NYC ‘Running Out of Time’ to Get Personnel, Equipment to Treat Coronavirus Patients Through Next Week: Mayor de Blasio

NY Daily News, April 3
NYC Offers Free Meals to All New Yorkers Amid Economic Fallout From Coronavirus

NBC, Channel 4, April 3
Grim New Rules for NYC Paramedics: Don’t Bring Cardiac Arrests to ER for Revival

FOX, Channel 35, Orlando, Fla., April 3
‘It’s Hell’ - NYC EMTs Claim to be Overwhelmed Due to Coronavirus

The Register-Herald, Beckley, WV, April 3
States Get Only a Fraction of Requested Supplies From Strategic Stockpile

govtech.com, April 3
Hospital Workers Getting Coronavirus on the Job as Hospitals Push Back

The City, April 2
First Responder Worried About Her EMS Friend Now Also Hospitalized

WPIX-11, April 2
Coronavirus Spreads at Local Nursing Homes

Yoursun, April 2
Tension, Fear Grip US Health Workers With Critical Protective Gear Running Low

Sacramento Bee, April 2
Medical Employees Say They’re Getting COVID-19 On the Job. Here’s Why Hospitals Push Back

NY Daily News, April 2
NYC Homeless Services Workers Hit With Coronavirus are ‘Dropping Like Flies’ Without Protective Gear

CBS, Chicago, April 2
Chicago EMTs Help Fight COVID-19 In New York

ABC News, April 2

EMS on the Front Lines Dealing With 'Madness,' Sleeping in Their Cars to Avoid Infecting Their Families

WWJ, Detroit Channel 62, April 2
Lieutenant Paramedic Anthony Almojera Describes the Challenges New York's EMS Workers Are Facing With COVID-19

News 12, April 2
EMS Workers Pushed to the Limit Without Adequate Supplies, Dwindling Workforce

NY1, April 2
Union President: EMTs, Paramedics Are in Dire Need of Protective Equipment

NBC News, April 2
Overwhelmed FDNY Encourages Calling 911 Only For True Emergencies

NY Daily News, April 2
Who We Need to Care For Now: Amid the Coronavirus Crisis, Worry About New Yorkers in Group Homes and Emergency Medical Personnel

Workers World, April 1
NYC Public Sector Workers Fight COVID-19

NY Daily News, April 1
NYC’s Transit Strike, 40 Years Later: Learning From a Seminal Moment in American Labor History

Fox News, April 1
FDNY EMS Worker on Surge of Daily 911 Calls: It's On the Level of 9/11 Attacks Each Day

Yahoo News, April 1
FDNY EMS Gets Over 7,000 Calls in One Day Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

WCBS 880, April 1
‘The System Is Not Set Up For This’: EMS Pushed To The Limit During Outbreak

CBS News, March 31
911 Dispatchers in New York City Receiving More Calls for Coronavirus Than for September 11 Attacks

NY Daily News, March 31
Garbage Bags and Cloth Bandannas: Union Leaders Plea for Personal Protection Equipment to Fight Coronavirus

Politico, March 31
‘Everybody’s In the Same Boat’: Coronavirus Drives New York’s Hospitals to Breaking Point

WCBS, Channel 2, March 31
Coronavirus Update: EMS Face Record Number of Ambulance Calls While Dealing With Delays, Sick Workers

The Chief-Leader, March 30
Fire Prevention Inspectors Want Masks While Enforcing Social-Distancing

NY Daily News, March 30
NYC’s Pregnant EMTs Have to Show Up For Work or Lose Personal Time Off During Coronavirus Crisis

The Washington Post, March 30
The Daily 202: New York City is Ground Zero – Again – With the Coronavirus Pandemic

Salon, March 30
America’s Underpaid, Oft-Forgotten EMTs are Bearing the Brunt of the Pandemic

New York Times, March 30
Met Museum Tells Staff It Is Extending Pay Until May 2

Univision, March 30
Los Riesgos a los que se Enfrentan Trabajadores de la Salud que Tratan con Pacientes con Coronavirus

Daily Mail, March 30
Three Medics Killed on the Coronavirus Frontline: Miami Nurse, 63, and a Florida Doctor, 67, Become the Second and Third Medics in America to Die From COVID-19 After Treating Patients with Virus

MSNBC, March 30
NYC 911 Calls Hit Record High During Coronavirus Crisis

7News Australia, March 30
Coronavirus Epicentre Migrates to United States, Hundreds Die in New York

Reuters, March 30
Coronavirus Outbreak is Stretching New York's Ambulance Service to Breaking Point

NY Daily News, March 30
WEEK IN NEWS: Transit Worker Dies a Hero; Members of New York Sports Club Sue the Fitness Chain; Coronavirus in NYC

silive.com, March 29
Coronavirus: FDNY EMS Getting Most Daily Calls In Its History

WCBS880, March 29
‘The System Is Not Set Up For This’: EMS Pushed To The Limit During Outbreak

The Washington Post, March 28
Inside a Major New York City Hospital System Battling Coronavirus

WHTC, Holland, MI, March 28
Coronavirus Outbreak is Stretching New York's Ambulance Service to Breaking Point

Sunday Guardian UK March 27
Met Museum Prepares for $100 Million Loss and Closure Till July

The City, March 27
NYC Paramedic Battles 'Paranoia and Anxiety' a Coworker fights COVID in ICU

Newsweek, March 27
New York City Records More Emergency Medical Calls in One Day Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Than During 9/11

Washington Examiner, March 27
Emergency Medical Calls in New York City at Highest Level Since 9/11

The Chief-Leader, March 27
H+H's Telecommuting Error

WCBS, Channel 2, March 26
Coronavirus Update: More Than A Dozen Patients Die With 24 Hours at Queens Hospital

qns.com, March 26
New York City EMS is Calling for Public’s Help During COVID-19 Crisis

MSN.com, March 26
NYC Paramedic Hospitalized With Coronavirus Sedated, Breathing with Ventilator as Condition Worsens, Family Says

NY1, March 26
City Para­medics Say Need for COVID-19 Pro­tective Gear is Critical

News 12 Brooklyn, March 26
Officials Team Up With Education Union to Give School Food Workers MasksBloomberg, March 25

NYC’s 911 Overwhelmed With Record Number of Emergency Medical Calls

NY Daily News, March 25
EMS calls spike amid coronavirus crisis, and FDNY urges people to only call 911 in an emergency

NY Daily News, March 25
Coronavirus relief checks could take four months to arrive in the mail

NY Daily News, March 25
NYC paramedic hospitalized with coronavirus sedated, breathing with ventilator as condition worsens, family says

The Grio, March 25
NYC paramedic fighting for her life against coronavirus, family says

WPIX-11, March 25
Mother of hospitalized paramedic calls for more protection for first responders

The Chief-Leader, March 24
Unions for 'Must-Show' Staff: We're Vital, Too

WPIX-11, March 24
'First line of defense' EMTs worried they're running out of masks as virus outbreak continues

Washington Post, March 24
New York’s Cuomo attacks White House coronavirus response as state’s cases surge

The Chief-Leader, March 23
Coronavirus Wipes Out Palm-Scanner As City's Time-Keeping Instrument

NY Daily News, March 23
NYC school food workers fear for their health as schools continue to churn out meals during coronavirus shutdown

Gothamist, March 23
DOE "Enrichment Centers" Open As City Scrambles To Care For Kids Of Emergency Workers

CNN, March 21
EMS Workers Expected to Keep Working After Coronavirus Exposure 

CNN, March 21
FDNY EMS Local 2507 President Oren Barzilay

NY Daily News, March 19
Not enough NYC municipal workers work from home, says union head

NY TimesMarch 18
Met Museum Prepares for $100 Million Loss and Closure Till July

March 17, Chalkbeat
Thousands of crossing guards, substitutes worry they won’t be paid during NYC school shutdown